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IMC Real Estate Brokers is a full service real estate sales and property management company. Providing a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Copán and Western Honduras area, and with the convenience of having an affiliated law office, Bufete Robles-Alvarado y Asociados, we are ready to serve you whether your needs are residential, commercial, sales, leasing, or property management. We are committed to providing customers and clients with the highest level of professional service possible.

IMC is also committed to its community. As western Honduras's specialist in real estate and housing, one of our core values is to help provide housing solutions that benefit low income families. When no one else would sell the non-profit Habitat for Humanity reasonably priced property for a badly needed low income housing project (see photos), we provided them the land they needed at cost. We then donated outright additional adjacent land for a septic field, and have provided pro bono assistance in obtaining local government approval of the project. The geographical location of this housing project is (DMS) 14° 46' 40.67"N, 88° 45' 51.63"W.

Please contact us and let us know how we may be of service.

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